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altMany have searched for the answers to our planet's dwindling water resource. All this while the answer has been right in front of us. Atmospheric Water is the purest water resource and we give you the technology to allow you to capture nature in your own machine – Sano helps you to SAVE money, while giving you the cleanest drinking water available.

Not only that, you get to do your part for the environment – with a hassle free plug and go design.

NO water mains required!

A revolutionary new technology has emerged, offering access to water that is safer than rainwater and we bring this technology to your home. It's called  Air Qua Sano. 

It creates water from air around us.

Technically speaking, the AirQua Sano is an atmospheric water device that replicates earth's natural evaporation and condensation cycle to provide clean drinking water.

In a nut shell:

It's a home-office appliance that makes drinking water for your whole family or office - using only air.

No water on earth is fresher, purer or more pristine than AirQua Atmospheric Water.

The AirQua Sano ensures your drinking water will be clean and free of toxins and bacteria - more pure than tap water or even spring water.

Now with AirQua Sano, your water is purer than rain. You are in total control of the quality of your drinking water and the security of your family’s health.

AirQua Technology

How does AirQua Technology work?

  • AirQua system works by converting the humidity in the air to water.
  • Air enters through the primary intake vents
  • AjrQual’s revolutionary Vapor Enhancer charges the air particles to enhance vapor saturation level before the air passes through AirQua's Micro Anti-bacterial AirFilter.
  • The water harvesting chamber condenses moisture from the air. This act of changing moisture from air is the first stage of the purification process. Most pollution in the air will pass harmlessly through the machine without contaminating the water.
  • The collected water is treated to international drinking water standards. This strict purification regime ensures great tasting water.
  • AirQuaTM system is designed to be energy efficient and is equipped with micro-computer and electronic controls to ensure proper and optium performance. The result is high quality good tasting water.
  • At the heart of AirQuam Atmospheric Vhter Technology is a microprocessor that controls and monitors filter life, water quality and all other system functions. Only AirQua Atmospheric Water Systems can deliver this level of programmability and performance.
  • AirQuam systems are defined by unparalleled quality, producing water that is safe, clean and great tasting. From active involvement of all employees and suppliers, to employment of high quality electrical components, proven sterilisation techniques and an advanced filtration system,
  • AirQua systems are designed and manufactured to comply with international standards and certification requirements.